Hand Pump & Hydraulic Powerpack

Hand Pumps are compact, lightweight and portable. The Pressure Relief Valve is pre-set at full working load.

Two-Speed Pumps have an automatic change over from LP to HP.

Single Speed Pumps are used forsmaller capacityJack/Ram/ Cylinder where the stroke volume required is low.

Two-Speed Hand Pumps are recommended for applications where the stroke volume required is large, for fast approach to load i.e. for larger Jack/Ram/Cylinder or multiple Cylinder/Jack hookups. It facilitates rapid approach and hence reduces cycle time.

Collapsible handle for faster stroke at low pressure.

Power Pack

Weoffer a complete range of Modular Electric Pumps to suit all industrial applications.

Pumps are available in single and two stage models.

All Pumps come equipped with Pressure Relief Valves for safety.

Tank: Steel fabricated.

All Tanks are electrostatic powder coated.

All Power Pack components suitably fitted for outdoor duty.

Extra Relief Valve provided in reservoir to prevent over loading.

Return Line Filter provided in only Double Acting Cylinder Type Power Packs

Standard supply with fixed frame mounted (2 fixed & 2 movable wheel can be provided on request).

Other sizes (higher flow capacities) available on request.

Option available: Hand Lever / Solenoid (Push Button)

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