Hollow Ram Hydraulic Jack

Single Acting, Plain Ram, Spring Return Type
Capacity:10 - 100 Ton l Stroke: 50 - 150mm l Max. Working Pressure: 700 Bar

Available Capacity from 10 to 100 Ton, stroke 50 to 150 mm.

Hollow ram hydraulic jack is very much useful for push and pull applications, Tensioning cables and bolts, pulling sleeves and bearings, removal & assembly of pins, bushes, bearings, sprockets, gears & general maintenance. Threaded stud & saddle optional. Hollow hard chrome-plated piston. piston end thread and base holes for easy fixing.Hollow cylinders also available in Single or Double acting. Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces. Composite bearings increase cylinder life and side load resistance. Hard coat finish on all surfaces resists damage and extends cylinder life. Handles for carrying cylinder included on all models.Steel baseplate and saddle are also available depending on model and also as per customer requirements. Integral stop ring prevents plunger over-travel and is capable of withstanding the full cylinder capacity. High-strength return spring for rapid cylinder retraction. Quick change coupler and dustcap included on all model. Customized solution is also entertained on request.

Technical Specification

Capacity (TON) Close Height Stroke Body Dia. Bore Dia. Ram Dia. C' Hole Dia. Weight (Approx) Model No.
10 TON 165mm 50mm 75mm 60mm 50mm 20mm 4.6 Kg. PJH10-050
190mm 75mm 75mm 60mm 50mm 20mm 5.3 Kg. PJH10-075
215mm 100mm 75mm 60mm 50mm 20mm 6.0 Kg. PJH10-100
20 TON 170mm 50mm 105mm 85mm 75mm 27mm 10.5 Kg. PJH20-050
220mm 100mm 105mm 85mm 75mm 27mm 13.5 Kg. PJH20-100
270mm 150mm 105mm 85mm 75mm 27mm 16.0 Kg. PJH20-150
30 TON 195mm 50mm 115mm 95mm 80mm 33mm 13.0 Kg. PJH30-050
220mm 75mm 115mm 95mm 80mm 33mm 14.5 Kg. PJH30-075
245mm 100mm 115mm 95mm 80mm 33mm 16.0 Kg. PJH30-100
295mm 150mm 115mm 95mm 80mm 33mm 19.0 Kg. PJH30-150
50 TON 230mm 75mm 150mm 125mm 100mm 42mm 25.0 Kg. PJH50-075
255mm 100mm 150mm 125mm 100mm 42mm 27.0 Kg. PJH50-100
60 TON 245mm 75mm 165mm 135mm 110mm 54mm 32.0 Kg. PJH60-075
270mm 100mm 165mm 135mm 110mm 54mm 35.0 Kg. PJH60-100
320mm 150mm 165mm 135mm 110mm 54mm 40.5 Kg. PJH60-150
100 TON 270mm 75mm 215mm 180mm 150mm 77mm 58.0 Kg. PJH100-075
295mm 100mm 215mm 180mm 150mm 77mm 62.0 Kg. PJH100-100

Also Available as per Requirement. (Customized as per specs. Provided).

Higher capacity and customized solutions on request.

Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.

Capacity and Stroke specified are maximum safe limits. Use at 80% of rating as safe practice.

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