Hydraulic Flat Jack

Single Acting, Plain Ram, Spring Return Type
Capacity:5 - 200Ton l Stroke: 8 - 16mm l Max. Pressure: 700 Bar

Available Capacity from 5 to 200 Ton, stroke 8 to 16 mm.

Compact & flat design ideally suitedwhere clearance is minimum forinsertion of jack. Mounting holes provided for easy fixturing. Stacking plate to increase closedheight is optional. Very much useful for heavy equipment lifting, alignment &clamping& for low clearance machinery positioning, tool fastening.Ensure no gap between jack & loadto be lifted, to utilize full stroke. Unique design, reduces wear, extending life. Base mounting holes enable for easy fixturing. Designed for use in all positions. High strength alloy steel for durability. Heavy-duty, pretensioned spring improves retraction speed. Quick change coupler and dust cap included on all models. Plunger wiper seals provided torestrict dust. Customized solutions available.

Technical Specification

Model No. Capacity (TON) Close Height Stroke Cylinder OD. Bore Dia. Ram Dia. Weight(Approx)
PJF05-08 5 TON 35mm 8mm 60mm 32mm 20mm 0.6 Kg.
PJF10-12 10 TON 45mm 12mm 80mm 45m 35mm 1.3 Kg.
PJF20-12 20 TON 55mm 12mm 100mm 63mm 50mm 2.6 Kg.
PJF30-12 30 TON 60mm 12mm 115mm 75mm 60mm 3.8 Kg.
PJF05-16 50 TON 65mm 16mm 140mm 100mm 70mm 6.2 Kg.
PJF75-16 75 TON 80mm 16mm 175mm 120mm 85mm 11.8 Kg.
PJF100-16 100 TON 85mm 16mm 190mm 140mm 100mm 15.1 Kg.
PJF150-16 150 TON 100mm 16mm 230mm 170mm 120mm 27.0 Kg.
PJF200-16 200 TON 115mm 16mm 265mm 190mm 140mm 40.7 Kg.

Features / Application

Compact & flat design ideally suited where clearance is minimum for insertion of jack

Mounting holes for easy fixturing

Stacking plate to increase closed height is optional

Heavy equipment lifting, alignment & clamping

Ensure no gap between jack & load to be lifted, to utilize full stroke

Caution: Jack being compact, provide leveled & solid support for entire base area & top.

Light Weight, Low Profile Design for use in Confined Spaces.

Also Available as per Set, with suitable Hand Pump, Pressure gauge, High pressure Hose.

Female Coupler & dust cap provided on all models.

Higher capacity and customized solutions on request.

Also Available as per Requirement. (Customized as per specs. Provided).

Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.

Capacity and Stroke specified are maximum safe limits. Use at 80% of rating as safe practice.

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